• Finance FAQ's

Finance FAQ's

Paying for a vehicle through finance is often more convenient than saving for a single lump sum. Many of our customers choose to fund the purchase of their car in this way, and we help them to do so. Here we answer the questions that our finance specialists are asked most often to give you a better understanding of our options and their benefits.

Are your interest rates favourable?
Yes, because we partner with a number of leading lenders and organise millions of pounds-worth of agreements each year. This means that we can negotiate excellent rates for you and all our other customers.

Will I need to pay a deposit?
Not always. Our cars are priced competitively and often below the market value. This means less risk for our lenders, so they are usually happy to offer zero deposit agreements.

How long will it take to arrange a finance agreement?
It takes just minutes to fill in all the paperwork, as we use technology such as Santander e-signature pads. In a matter of clicks you can sign all of the necessary forms.

What If I’m still making repayments on my current car?
Don’t worry. We can help you to pay back any outstanding debt before you enter a new agreement.

I don’t know my credit score, am I still entitled to finance?
Yes. You can complete our simple finance application form and we will carry out a no-obligation credit check. We will then be in touch to let you know which deals are available based on your score.

Is cash-back available?
It is. The exact amount depends on the lender and your credit score, but a rebate between £500 and £1,000 is typical.

Can I pay off my agreement early?
You can, and all our lenders allow you to. The benefit is that less interest will be charged, saving you money.

For answers to any other questions please contact a member of the team directly.